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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Man Killed During Cockfight

"Jose Luis Ochoa, 35, of Lamont, California, was declared dead at a hospital about two hours after he was injured in Tulare County on Jan. 30, the Kern County coroner said.
An autopsy concluded Ochoa died of an accidental "sharp force injury" to his right calf.
Ray Pruitt, Sheriff spokesman, said it was unclear if a delay in seeking medical attention contributed to Ochoa's death."

I think this rooster should have been instantly declared the champion. If it can kill a person, I'm sure it can beat any rooster.

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  1. lol Thats what he gets for making the roosters fight

  2. This is quite interesting....ive never heard from death by cock (except for choking on it)

  3. Ahahah, damn. Sucks for him, but darwin award i think

  4. Cock fighting is pretty brutal. I remember watching a movie on T.V. where there was supposed to be a cock fight, but instead they cut about 10 minutes of the movie because of how graphic it was.

  5. Haha. This sounds intense. I wouldn't want to go this way.