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Friday, February 25, 2011

The Last Unclaimed Land

Aside from parts of Antarctica, there is only one section of land on Earth that isn't claimed by at least one nation. It is called Bi'r Tawīl, and it lies between Egypt and Sudan. Neither claims it, because there is a disputed area nearby, and claiming Bi'r Tawīl would invalidate that claim. I think one of these days, someone is going to drive through Egypt and raise their own flag there.

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Monkeys Cover Themselves in Urine to Attract Mates

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I've been very busy with work, and the news is pretty much full of stuff about Libya. Here's a funny one to start the weekend.

"It turns out male monkeys aren't taking the proverbial when it comes to their grooming habits and trying to catch a mate.
Scientists believe they can finally explain a baffling habit displayed by capuchin monkeys, who urinate on their hands and then rub the urine into their fur.
Male monkeys attract females by sending a message that they are single and available through rubbing urine into their fur, according to a study."

Hmm, this just might be worth a try! Screw cologne, I'm going to the bar covered in pee next time.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Format Question..

What would you guys rather see on this blog?

Lately, I've been posting a lot of weird news articles. When I first started this blog, I was just gonna post weird stuff I found on the internet (like Ted's Caving Page). I'm not sure which direction I should take this. There's a poll at the top of the page, and votes would be appreciated. I'd appreciate your input.

Feminazis vs. Hooters

"The National Organization of Women doesn't like kids going to Hooters, either. Last month, its California chapter filed complaints with prosecutors and police in San Francisco, San Bruno, Sacramento and Orange County about Hooters serving children.
Hooters often faces discrimination charges for hiring attractive girls of certain dimensions.
"Many restaurants do this," Weston told me. "We're just up-front about it."
To defend itself, Hooters has sometimes argued it is an adult-entertainment venue. As such, it has just as much right to select its cast as directors of a Broadway play. You don't see controversies about scantly clad Dallas Cowgirls or Radio City Music Hall Rockettes, do you?
The feminist group argues Hooter's can't have it both ways. You are either a family restaurant or an adult-entertainment venue.
Rivera says it's business as usual: "People just want something to complain about.""

I found this part of the article most interesting. Everybody whines so much. I've been to Hooters once and I think their food sucks, but whatever. They should have every right to not hire ugly girls. What do the feminists think the DMV is for?

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Cocaine Submarine Seized in Colombia

"Colombian soldiers have for the first time seized a fully submersible drug-smuggling submarine capable of reaching the coast of Mexico, authorities have announced.
Heavily armed troops posed for photos with the submarine - complete with conning tower, steps up to a hatch, air-conditioning and a periscope."

More pictures on the site. You have to admire the ingenuity of the cartels just a little bit. At what point does building a cocaine-carrying submarine become profitable?

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Girl Kisses Boyfriend, Dies

"A teenager collapsed and died minutes after her boyfriend kissed her for the first time, an inquest heard today.
Shy Jemma Benjamin, 18, was kissed by fellow university student Daniel Ross, 21, at his home after a night out together.
But superfit hockey player Jemma then suddenly slumped onto the sofa - and died in front of Daniel's eyes."  

Really weird and sad story. I hope I don't have some unknown disease like that..

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The Average Female Face

"Describing someone as average-looking is rarely seen as a compliment.
But most of us would be quite happy to look like a computer-generated depiction of the 'average' English woman,  Welsh woman, or even the average Burmese.
More than 100 women of 41 different nationalities and ethnicities were photographed in cities all over the world in an effort to find common regional features."

Check out the link, the pictures are pretty interesting. I think the 'average' Puerto Rican woman looks the best in this series.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Man Killed During Cockfight

"Jose Luis Ochoa, 35, of Lamont, California, was declared dead at a hospital about two hours after he was injured in Tulare County on Jan. 30, the Kern County coroner said.
An autopsy concluded Ochoa died of an accidental "sharp force injury" to his right calf.
Ray Pruitt, Sheriff spokesman, said it was unclear if a delay in seeking medical attention contributed to Ochoa's death."

I think this rooster should have been instantly declared the champion. If it can kill a person, I'm sure it can beat any rooster.

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Woman Dies After Butt Injection

"A day after a 20-year-old student from London died from getting silicone injected into her buttocks at a Philadelphia hotel, police have questioned a woman who might be connected to the case, myfoxphilly.com reported."

The moral of the story: if you want to get an ass enhancement, hire a professional.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Church of Scientology Faces Allegations of Human Trafficking, Enslavement

"The FBI is probing allegations of human trafficking and enslavement in the celeb-magnet Church of Scientology, according to a blockbuster New Yorker article.
The charges are based on complaints of mistreatment of church members who try to quit, and allegations that dozens of apostates were confined in "reeducation camps" doing manual labor - sometimes for years."

I think it's about time. They definitely do some terrible things to their members. Although I doubt anything serious will happen to them, I can always hope. What do you guys think?

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Pregnant Woman Accidentally Given Abortion Pills

"She is six weeks pregnant and when she went to the pharmacy to pick up an antibiotic her doctor had prescribed, the pharmacist gave her an abortion drug by mistake.
Mareena Silva might lose her unborn child because of the prescription drug error, which occurred last Thursday."

Wow. It seems impossible to screw up that bad. Don't these pharmacists make a LOT of money? Hopefully the kid turns out alright. If not, at least the mom will be rich from the resulting lawsuits.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Ted's Caving Page

Here's a creepy story from years ago. I'm always very skeptical of these things, but the fact that there's pictures that accurately reflect the story makes me wonder. It's a pretty long read, but totally worth it. What do you guys think? Real or not?

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Suicide Bomber Killed by Text Message

This story is a few weeks old, but it's so interesting.

"The would-be suicide bomber was planning to detonate a suicide belt bomb near Red Square, a plan that was foiled when her wireless carrier sent her an SMS while she was still at a safe house, setting off the bomb and killing her. The message reportedly wished her a Happy New Years.."

I'm glad that the incompetence of the terrorists ended up saving a lot of lives!

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Charles Krauthammer on Egypt

"The overriding objective is a period of stability during which secularists and other democratic elements of civil society can organize themselves for the coming elections and prevail. ElBaradei is a menace. Mubarak will be gone one way or the other. The key is the military. The United States should say very little in public and do everything behind the scenes to help the military midwife - and then guarantee - what is still something of a long shot: Egyptian democracy."

Best article I've seen on this subject. Charles offers a lot of insight regarding this situation, and gives his opinion on what America's involvement should be in this situation.

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Poon Lim

"Poon Lim or Lim Poon BEM (March 8, 1918 – January 4, 1991) was a Chinese sailor who survived 133 days alone in the South Atlantic."

"Poon Lim initially kept himself alive by drinking the water and eating the food on the raft, but later resorted to catching rainwater in a canvas tarp and fishing. He could not swim very well and often tied a rope from the boat to his wrist, in case he fell into the ocean. He took a wire from the electric torch and made it into a fishhook, and used hemp rope as a fishing line. He also dug a nail out of the boards on the wooden raft and bent it into a hook for larger fish. When he captured a fish, he would cut it open with a knife he fashioned out of a biscuit tin and dry it on a hemp line over the raft. Once, a large storm hit and spoiled his fish and fouled his water. Poon, barely alive, caught a bird and drank its blood to survive."

Check out this whole story. It's amazing what people are capable of surviving when they have to.

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